Interview Programme

Interview and Personality Test (Online)

What the students get

1. A complete book on IAS Interview

  • Comprising comprehensive Question Bank of 600 questions.
  • A question bank on Recent Issues and analysis.
  • Sample Interview and its threadbare analysis.

2. Specific suggestions on everything associated with interview.
3. Everything on Interview handling.
4. How to handle DAF.
5. Links of relevant topics.
6. Customised question bank for each candidate on himself or herself.


  • Customised one to one preparation and face-to-face interaction with the Chief Mentor, K. Siddhartha.
  • Niche face-to-face online sessions on sports, abstract topic, self understanding.
  • Specific session on an Interactive conversation on “the best of answers that can be given”.
  • State specific questions as per your cadre preference and home state.
  • Verification of the thought out answers and the validity of the answers to the board.
  • Mastering DAF one to one and collectively.
  • Handling Cadre and Services.
  • Finer points that skip students’ mind. How do they aid marks.
  • Difference between arrogances, confidence.
  • Difference between self-belief, conviction and stand.
  • Difference (Projecting difference between self esteem and ego).
  • Blunders and mistakes.
  • Walking into death trap, and how to avoid it.

How the candidates can best utilize it

  1. Get yourself registered.
  2. The candidate will get his/her access and password.
  3. You will get a programme on your email as well as from the facebook page display of ENSEMBLE
  4. The candidates will be notified about the various sessions from time to time
  5. Follow the programme.
  6. Ask your questions on the designated topics on the mail id created especially for you.
  7. We will hold a live session beginning from 2nd February.
  8. You can ask your queries on the designated topics during the session as well
  9. Every day’s schedule will be let known to you in advance and as per your requirement we will fix a one to one meeting with our Chief Mentor face to face.
  10. The candidates can upload and ask any question and form a set of question, which will be discussed face to face online?
  11. The candidates can bring their recordings, which we will analyse to give them a feedback.

Some FAQ's

How do I prepare myself for ias interview?
How do I prepare for a mock interview?
How does group preparation help for an IAS interview?
How important is the final interview of the IAS exam? Are the marks of "4 papers of GS, 2 papers of optional and an essay" combined with the interview marks?
What are the common mistakes students are likely to make during IAS interview?
Are all the interviews of the same type? If not, what are the types of interviews in UPSC, and what guidelines can be given to candidates to do well?
What are the qualities required for scoring high in an IAS interview?