Geography Mains 2018

Geography Mains 2018 (26 th December to March 2018)

Integrated Intensive ADVANCED (IIA) GEOGRAPHY MAINS COURSE is offline-online integrated course with an extensive coverage of the Mains syllabus. (It Comprises Basic Geography, Mains Course, QIP, and APSIP). It is a 15 week comprehensive programme for the IAS mains examination. The programme is inherently designed to cater to the needs of aspirants who have not studied Geography beyond the secondary school. The course has been specifically designed for beginners who do not even know ABC of Geography. The course intends to prepare the candidates to take this examination anywhere under any circumstance without any assistance. The course aims to help the candidates secure an above average marks (over 300 in the Mains and equip them with an attitude to be a humane administrator and a further citizen, a better citizen a cosmopolitan citizen).

As the programme would advance learners would experience new levels of comfort, gain deeper insights and develop plethora of perspective, which is much required to answer with a stroke of creativity.

Motive behind the course

To enable the candidates to have a solid conceptual framework and a knowledge base that will help them to develop an above average analytical ability. To know the dimensions of the subject and help them to answer the range of questions that can be asked and pick up the options with ease in the preliminary examination.

Eligibility of participants

The course is designed for all those candidates having the necessary qualification to appear for UPSC Civil Services, whether they have a background of the subject or not.

Course Commencement

26 th December

Timing of Classes

5.30 PM to 8.00 PM

Participation Fees

Integrated Intensive Foundation Geography Mains Course Rs. 49,000/-

Class Programme week wise (Provisional)

26th Dec - 29th DecBasic India PhysicalGF
3rd Jan - 7th Jan.India Physical ResourcesKS
8th Jan - 12th Jan.IndustrySM
15th Jan - 19 th Jan.Settlement Geog.
Population Geog.
Regional Planning
22nd Jan-26th Jan.ClimatologyKS
29th Jan-9th Feb.OceanographyKS
11th Feb – 24th FebBioenvironmental GeographyKS/Online
11th Feb – 24th FebEconomic Geog.KS/Online
11th Feb – 24th FebSettlement Geog.,
Models Geog.
26th Feb - 3rd MarchModels & PerspectiveSM
5th Mar - 10th MarGeomorphologyKS/Online
What the students will get

All relevant books written by K.Siddhartha and S. Mukherjee, Short Smart Study (SSS) Series comprising 15-20 booklets, Xerox of Synopsis, and links of portal having a limited access.

Mains course 2018

The course has been designed to promote deeper insight and learning into the subject. The focus here is on extensive approach confined learning that will touch every dimension of the topic to give a real holistic viewpoint so necessary an approach requires to qualify for Civil Services.

The 240 hour session excluding QIP will be essentially lecture based session. The sequencing of the topic has been so designed that the candidates having no prior knowledge of the subject can cruise comfortably, despite the fact that familiarity with the topics and the basics may be lacking. Throughout the session it is never assumed that the candidates have any basic idea of the topic but unless the candidates follow the topic systematically, for a semi scientific subject like geography it is very difficult for the candidates to comprehend the topic.

Faculty support

Chief Mentor K. Siddhartha (

Faculty Structure

Faculty Structure

S. Mukherjee (SM)

Tarique Khan

Zulfilar Mohmmed

Guest Faculty-Qualified candidates

Presumption of the Class

It is not assumed as a part of the session that the students have knowledge of the basics. But it will be expected that the students will keep pace with the class and that the students will follow the sequence of the class. Despite all the background the candidates will be very hard pressed to understand the topic. The course is for sincere students who are likely to follow the theme and concept of the class. The Institute will not be responsible to insincere acts of the candidates.


1. The students must have done their Basic Geography

2. The candidate MUST complete ALL administrative and admission formalities before the commencement class.

3. The shift in the timing and venue of the classes is totally at Institutes discretion. Participants are advised to take this fact into account before taking admission.