Our Approach

ENSEMBLE has formed a team of mentors, teachers, trainers and coaches with an unparalleled quality.

ENSEMBLE has studied the minds of UPSC examiners, the minds of question setters to prepare what is demanded by the UPSC, and has moulded itself accordingly.

The study material is given to the students at the outset so that the students can find themselves at ease to go for cross references.

Unlike the 'bazaar notes, the study material is designed, with colour insertions and plates.

The course and the study material is kept updated along course coverage plans to keep pace with the changing trends of the examination.

The lectures are simplified, evoking student’s interest in the various areas of knowledge and imparting a picture like view of the various themes to be studied.

A weekly assignment to test the student’s understanding and expression in various areas.

The students are extensively trained on how to present answers effectively and how to create an impression among thousand other competitors.

The institutes approach is mentoring based seeking to reform the candidate from inside. The institute offers an emotional milieu within which the students can really be passionate about their performance.

All these dimensions of guidance are carefully taken care of during every session which proceed strictly as per the schedule of work given to the students. In the long term, this scientific process of examination oriented training coupled with a truly traditional method of mentoring results in saving a lot of precious time and maximization of a candidate’s efficiency.

Our Digital Education Component gives the student complete range of whatever they require for their knowledge, learning and approach i.e., a complete chapter; its documentary and animation and multimedia enhanced video, synopsis of the chapter, possible range of questions, its Current Affairs extension, Related graphics and view of important personalities and their interview.

Post the classes the students are given complete preparation support that include emails of all the recent changes and current affairs matter. Links of animation and multimedia driven video documentary and chapters. Books and recent questionnaire and model answers that will be posted to the candidates periodically.