About Distance Guidance Programme

The DGP of Ensemble is a richly evolved programme that seeks to solve every problem of the candidates situated at a great distance – contentwise, conceptwise and material wise.

The DGP of ENSEMBLE has been designed as a complete alternative to any classroom programme, an even better than that.

The aim of the DGP programme is to provide rich material and a complete online support to the candidates who cannot come to Delhi or who cannot afford Delhi. The material comprises everything a candidate requires- books, notes, Question Analysis, orientation papers, and Compact Discs that the students can use for their studies. The study material has been drawn from the best sources available anywhere on these topics and the books are all original an academic work, the type of work UPSC required a candidate to study. The videos and documentaries that the students get are the best in the world having been made out of the best sources the world has Wikipedia, Youtube, NGC, Discovery, the book of K.Siddhartha, NCERT, and UGC &Government reports.

The DGP of ENSEMBLE is India's first offline online integrated programme. The offline component is available through books (in postage), through e-books and its lecture is available through the multimedia/animation video lectures and documentaries. The entire DGP consists of:

  • Books either in printed form or digital form (e-books)
  • Backup of books through multimedia and animation based videos.
  • Online Tests alongwith answer analysis.

How Ensemble Distance Guidance Programme adds to your preparation without being in Delhi

  • 100% coverage of the prescribed Civil Services Syllabi.
  • In-depth coverage of each and every topic in a manner suitable to the demands of the IAS Examinations, so that you do not have to go through any extra material at all.
  • Regular revision and update of materials.
  • Access to same material as provided with the best classroom programmes, of India.
  • All content prepared under the watchful eyes of Chief Editor Dr. S. Mukherjee.
  • Hundreds of books, journals, magazine and web-resources referenced while preparing the materials.
  • Model Answersincluded in each course.
  • Answer Evaluation & Feedback of some of the qualified candidates for descriptive answers.
  • Doubt Removal through e-mails.
  • Option of contact programme with Ensemble's mentors in specific cities for one week included in each course. These sessions will be conducted before the Examination for final stage strategic discussion.

How the students can use the online course

  • The entire texts of the chapter which is the most comprehensive text on this section for this examination anywhere in the world; since the text is drawn from the best known sources in the world and every meticulous effort had been made to include the minutest details.
  • The text is supplemented by its graphic, animated and multimedia version on the same lines as that of the text.
  • A documentary recorded in the form of video, which evokes the interest of the audience and viewer and improves the receptivity enormously. When the receptivity is high following a higher level of interest, the student is able to notice even the minutest things and observe the smallest facets.
  • The entire text and script has how been condensed into a synopsis as the student do not need to go through a lengthy text always. The synopsis for all practical purpose supplements the main texts as much as it can be.
  • All the texts have a supplemental Current affairs and Contemporary component, from where the maximum number of questions are asked.
  • Every chapter has a dedicated MCQ attached to it. The MCQs have five type of questions-fact based, knowledge based, analysis based, observation based, and Current Affairs based. The answers to all the questions are not found in the text; but there are enough explanations given to the candidates to widen their knowledge base.
  • Every chapter has been simplified enough through the use of static graphics and photos. The candidates can scan through them, go through them to know a lot of miscellaneous facts on that topic and further their interest level.
  • Test Series for every section is given additionally for the purpose of further practice and coming into examination mould.
  • There are some additional sections such as interviews linked with enrichment studies that give the candidates some perspective and conclusion in a crisp question and answer form.

What do you get?

  • A complete study material in a structured form will be made available to you either via post or print out. The chapter includes everything that the topic requires. It is a formidable compilation drawn from the best sources available in the world for Civil Services-NCERT, SCERT, Govt Reports, The Hindu, Yojana, Kurukshetra…….and what not. Nothing is required beyond that.
  • A well prepared synopsis in a simple manner for the beginners as well as a super quick revision.
  • Animated video lectures prepared in documentary form with story like explanation. Animated videos are prepared by the best animation experts, choicest video galleries, original footage laced with authenticated facts to ease your understanding, increase retentivity and improve imagination. A two-hour of classroom is reduced to just half an hour of fun watchingand learning.
  • A list of all possible type of questions asked in a variety of ways - fill in the blanks, true or false, objective type MCQs from a variety of angles - factual, observational, analytical, current affairs based, etc. This is so because you don’t miss out on any question and of any type of question that may possibly be asked.

Scheme of the DGP course

The entire course is very flexible and customized to the needs of students who are studying from anywhere and at anytime. The students can join in diverse ways. They can obtain one chapter, one section, one subject and or entire course for a subscription.

The different Packages are

  • Chapterwise
  • Sectionwise
  • Subjectwise
  • Coursewise

As the candidates log in, they do get navigation and direction to complete the process either for a chapter, or a section or a subject and how make online payment.

What the students get when they subscribe to a Chapter
  • The chapter.
  • Synopsis of the chapter
  • Graphics and pictures associated with the chapter.
  • Video version, that is animation and multimedia based
  • Multiple choice Questions (if applicable) on the chapter, which are of five types.
    • Fact based
    • Analysis based
    • Observation based
    • Knowledge based
  • Solved previous year questions
  • Model answers (if applicable).
  • Current Affairs
  • Sample of mock Interviews

The entire chapter is so designed that the students do not require to look for anything else other than what is available.