Decoding Geography Optional

Decoding Geography Optional

For whom it is?

  1. All students who have studied Geography, have done their classes of Geography and are finding difficulty in fathoming the new changes in the subject.
  2. All of those who are still in two minds whether to leave the subject or not and are finding it difficult to be with the subject.
  3. All of those who have an intent to pick up Civil Services examination 2018 Mains with Geography.

The Aim

  1. Deciphering the psyche of the examiner, Decoding the “New Geography”
  2. What will be Expected in Mains 2018,
  3. The New type of Questions & from where are they asked,
  4. Learning the Art of forming interlinkages, with special emphasis on the current trends in the subject.

Components of Decoding Geography

1. Answering Unknown Questions

  1. Why these types of questions are asked in Geography?
  2. Who sets these questions?
  3. Reading the minds of people who set these questions.
  4. What are the new sources?
  5. What are the likely sources in the future?
  6. What are the questions that can be asked in 2018.
  7. How is that applied and current topics are going to be incorporated.

2. Programme Structure and Composition

  1. 12 tests in 3 phases of 4 sets comprising over 400 questions. Each set of has 4 test before Prelims from 15th of February in a Face to Face programme in Delhi. Two other sets after PT on online mode with an interactive discussion of answers with Model answers through Webinar.
  2. Answers checked in the same form and by the same people who check it actually in UPSC.
  3. Model answers discussion in video form.
  4. Video feedback of answers of selective candidates chosen on set criteria by K.Siddhartha Sir himself, and on similar lines as Essay discussion on YouTube link.

3. Schedule

  1. 15th February-Introduction with lesser known topics and art of interlinkages, followed by the 1st Test of three hrs.
  2. 17th February - 2nd Test & discussions- 3+3 hrs=6 hrs.
  3. 19th February- 3rd Test 3 hrs.
  4. 21st February- 4th Test & discussion- 3+3 hrs=6 hrs

4. Take Away

  1. Some defined Sources for uncommon and difficult topics
  2. List of expected Questions
  3. Model answers
  4. Passwords for accessibility into the portal.

The Fee for this programme is Rs.9997/-

The starting date of this programme is 15th Feb. 2018