CSP-For Already Coached Students

CSP for Already Coached Students

Ist Stage

Categorisation of and strength, weakness identification through a test

IInd Stage
  • Leveling Course.
  • Language improvement- (vocabulary expansion, induce expression enhancement, using short sentences, using terminologies).
  • Perception Balance.
  • Using Observational Learning.
IIIrd Stage
  • Course Simplification for Learning effort minimization
  • Multimedia lectures and documentary on conceptual topic to fill and bridge the gaps
  • Group effort and Peer Learning
  • Field study trip for social bonding and intellectual capital formation..
  • Create followers & experiment one topic each day.
IVth Stage

CImprovement and Course Correction

  • Monologue preparation for structure and organisation of knowledge and thinking.
  • Identification of Issues from topics
  • Two transparent topics a day.
  • An essay a day keeps linguistic faults away
  • Completion of books that may have been missed during this course.
Vth Stage

Preparation and Practice

  • Identification of wrong questions and restructuring
  • One synopsis a day.
  • 50 questions a day.
VIth Stage Intensification effort

Event write up for observational aspects into transformational writing

Weekly grouping into knowledge Club

Knowledge Club aims at bringing a qualitative change, a value loaded enrichment of analytical ability by enhancing their thinking ability, diversifying the perspective of the youth, and bringing them issues, information and agendas from 360° angle. Knowledge Club offers a customized value loaded service to different grade of youth having different levels of learning and assimilating abilities. One of the major aims of Knowledge Club aim is bringing about holistic awareness about the social political environment around them and everything happening in the country in every sphere.

Modus operandi
  • Weekly task assignments on Friday
  • Spend entire day in premises with lunch and refreshments
  • Follow instructions strictly.
  • Academic Assistance to Students

The learning process is designed in such a manner that the students do not require anything else beyond what the students are provided.It comprises of ...

  • Entire set of books written by Sri. K. Siddhartha and S.Mukherjee
  • Synopsis of all chapters
  • Short Smart Study series
  • CD of some multimedia classroom topics
  • Website links and passwords of Ensemble’s youtube channel and its multimedia channel.
  • Online support of classroom videos and study material