Advanced Interview Programme

Advanced Interview Programme


To help Mains written candidates reverse plan their Interview and make their Interview an interview to create difference between the rest of the candidates and themselves.

  • all study material,
  • Synopsis,
  • MCQ bank on the topics,
  • Current Affairs upgrade.

Integrated their preparation without affective their rhythm of preparation.

  • Identify common mistake
  • Identifying blunders that student commits.
  • Comparison of different DAF types
  • Deciphering DAF and the possible questions that can be allowed.
  • How to narrow range of questions from the Interview through DAF.
  • Do's and donts in DAF.
  • Integrating your Mains preparation with Interview.
  • Finer points that skip students mind. How do they aid marks.
  • Shedding arrogance how to guide the board to a lead Interview.

K. Siddhartha

Date: 17 th Jan. 2018

What the students get

All about IAS Interview for beginners from beginning. (Book)

Personalized Mentoring

Nature of Seminar


Participation Fee: Rs. 6000/-

It is not assumed as a part of the session that the students who have appeared for their Mains. It will be expected that the students will interact maximum to take advantage of the course. The once a week course is for sincere students who are likely to follow the theme and concept of the class. The Institute will not like to welcome insincere learners.